Snow Removal and Fall Clean-up

Fall Clean-up and Snow Removal for a Gorgeous Fall Yard

While the spring and summer may offer a stunning green lawn, the first leaves of fall tend to make a yard look unkempt. Home and business owners who want a gorgeous yard year-round will want to take advantage of professional Fall Clean up services. Castro Landscaping Services offers all the help needed to get the yard into shape and remove fall leaves or snow.

Removing Fallen Leaves

A few leaves here and there might not make much of a difference, but a ton of leaves can kill the grass beneath them. They block the sunlight and reduce how quickly water can evaporate, which can lead to dead grass as well as fungus and other diseases. Instead, professional Leaf Removal makes it easy to keep the grass healthy and looking good. Property owners can contact Castro Landscaping for regular Leaf Clean up or for a one-time service to get their yard back into shape.

Fall Garden Services

While the landscaper is working on the leaf removal, they can tackle other garden services the property owner might need. These can include updating seasonal flowers, pruning trees and bushes, applying fertilizer, or dealing with any weeds. Property owners can choose the services they need as well as the frequency to ensure their property continues to look amazing no matter what season it is. The right flowers planted in fall, for instance, can really enhance the look of any yard.

Cleaning Up Snow

Heavy piles of snow can damage grass just like piles of leaves. Home and business owners, instead, will want professional Snow Removal done to protect their yard and to clear out the snow as quickly as possible. Landscapers will be able to remove the snow that has landed in flower beds, on any shrubs, or that might be around the roots of trees. They can also use a Snow Plow to remove as much snow from the grass, so it doesn’t suffer from lack of light or diseases. Professional landscapers will also remove the snow from walkways and patios, ensuring they are protected as well.

Emergency Clean-up Services

Even when a landscaper is scheduled to work on the yard regularly, home and business owners may need to look into emergency clean-up services. During storms, branches can get knocked down, hardscaping might be damaged, or trees can have issues like exposed roots. Castro landscapers can handle all of these emergencies and more, ensuring the yard is restored as quickly as possible. This helps to minimize the damage from the storm and ensure it looks great again quickly.

If you’re worried about how your yard will be during the fall and winter seasons, make sure you get in contact with a Castro landscaper today. We can help with everything from Fall Clean up, so you don’t have to rake the leaves on your own to snow removal or emergency clean-up services. Contact us now to learn more about the services that are offered and to schedule your first fall cleanup or snow removal service.

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